Second gig back! Comedy Cellar, Leeds – 09/11/21

Yes. There was a second gig back and it was off the the Comedy Cellar in Leeds!

Things started out stressful as I forgot to fill up the car before setting off and I had to make a bet with myself as to whether to risk it for a biscuit and fold like a cheap suit and get fuel. I chose the latter because I’m weak. However, I still made it on time so that was a win!

The night was hosted by Saul Henry who is a top performer and all round good egg. I hadn’t seen him since the world shut down that time (just in case you don’t remember) and it was nice to catch up.

I was on second which was fine with me and the small room was filled with a nice crowd and other performers who were polite, appreciative and didn’t yell or boo, so that was a win.

Tried something new that I wrote about half an hour before I set off and it seemed to work. Just need put it somewhere a bit more coherent (although I have written a new set so will see how it goes in that).

Anyway, that’s it for now. Until next time – ciao for now!

First gig back!

It seems like an eternity since I wrote anything here. Thanks to the old pandemic i haven’t done a gig (or anything really) for almost two years! But that all changed last night!

Me staring into the abyss.

I did my first gig back where I did my first gig ever, the comedy balloon in Manchester. It’s a lovely space and Jason, who runs the night, is an awesome dude. There was a substantial crowd there that evening (clearly there to see a friend perform as it turned out) and they were very young (students) and very loud. If I’m honest, I don’t think they’d been to a stand up gig before as they seemed reluctant to follow the rules of stand up (not talking, moving around to get drinks and yelling stuff etc.) and this resulted in some performers having to sideline actual material in order to talk to/calm the crowd.

Still, I got to see some old faces which was nice and my set went ok. Tried some new ideas mixed in with the old and I have plenty to work on. For now, I’m looking forward to the next gig!

Well, that was a different year…

It’s been awhile and I have had little to report for sometime. But after what was apparently a whole year (and one that has left a lot to be desired) I decided to try my hand at what was technically my “new year’s resolution” for 2020 and submit something to be published. So last night I did so by submitting some bits to Points in Case (a very good humour site that you should read) and this news greeted me today via email;

My first piece of published work.

I will continue to keep plucking away and see what else I can achieve throughout 2021 (hopefully stand up comedy might start again)!

I hope anyone reading this has an excellent start to 2021 and whatever your goals are, give it a crack – what do you have to lose?!

Something to pass the time.

With no gigs being booked and things looking to continue in this vain for the foreseeable future, I decided to keep myself entertained (and maybe others but that’s not likely) with the below;

I was inspired after I did the video for my nephew that I mentioned in the last post and as I had everything ready to go I had a crack. Editing software is new to me but it was a bit of fun.

Anyway, it’s a bit crap and stupid but I think we need a bit of that these days.

Anyway, cheerio for now.

Well, it’s been awhile.

I haven’t looked at this blog since last December. I finished last year feeling low when it came to comedy stuff and decided it was time to take a step back from it for awhile.

Not long after I made that decision, the whole world went crazy which meant that there hasn’t been much of any stand up going on for anyone for quite awhile. Over the last few weeks of lockdown, I have slowly got back into watching stand up again and have even started to put pen to paper and write some new stuff. I have to admit, it feels good to be creative again.

Speaking of feeling creative – I have also made an upload to YouTube! My nephew had written a story about pirates which his mum shared on Whatsapp. I thought it was very good so I decided to make some alterations and flesh out a couple of bits and turn it into a video for him. He seemed to enjoy it which was great and initially I kept the video unlisted. But after thinking about it for a bit I thought I might as well make it public just in case anyone else might get a kick out of it (probably younger kids that just need to be “entertained” for five minutes).

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say at the moment. When this all blows over ( hopefully sooner rather than later) I will see you at some gigs!

Stay safe!

23/11/19 – Bradford 7/12/19 – Comedy at The Ramp 8/12/19 – Giggle Gang Comedy 11/12/19 – The Comedy Hose

Yes I know, it has been awhile since I posted anything here (hence why all these are grouped together). I thought I should at least round up these gigs into one post and then potentially draw a line under the year. Most were excellent nights with people who are genuine and very talented. Honestly, that’s all I can bothered to say at this point in time.

I know a lot of comedy people like to post statuses about their year in summary but I will hide it here as I don’t want to bore anyone. Also, not all of it has been great. Open mic comedy – much like life – has both ups and downs and 2019 has been a mixed bag.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of some great evenings (a few of those are above) and I have met some genuinely lovely people. I have of course, also come across some individuals that have made me feel like garbage and like I don’t belong. To those I say, comedy is not an exclusive “club” and please try to be nice to those on the way up. You will need them again on the way down.

I set out to get at least one paid gig in 2019 as a new years resolution (I know some reading might go “aww bless – I remember my first paid gig” if this is you, please go fuck yourself – we all had to start somewhere) and succeeded. I also set out to try promoting my own night and went well (thanks to all the acts that made it a great event) but this only lasted a few months before it was poached by someone else.

This along with the aforementioned “characters” and attitudes have left me considering whether this is how I want to spend my free time going forward and whether I’m even cut out for the open mic circuit. Maybe this will form another resolution for 2020 and maybe not.

Either way, I wish anyone reading this (hi Mum) a very happy new year and thank you to all of you that have been supportive during the last 12 months (you know who you are).

Festive times.

Beat the Frog World Series, Manchester – 28/10/19

Well, it was a pleasure to be a part of this night and I have never known the level be so consistently high.

Not much for me to say about it really and although I beat the frog, I was totally outclassed. All the winners were amazing and deserving of their wins (Erika Ehler, Ola Labib and Toussaint Douglas).

If anything, it was a bit of a wake up call that I need to spend more time on my writing. Onwards and upwards and all that.

Stretford Stitches Comedy Night, Manchester – 10/10/19

It was the second night that I have run and I can confirm that it seemed to be successful. It had another 30-40 people show up which must mean that I’m doing something right as far as promoting goes! The line up was superb and all the acts did a smashing job, particularly as the crowd seemed to sit somewhere between liking dark material (apart from gags about dog fisting) and wanting family friendly stuff. A tricky crowd at times but receptive enough for sure.

As far as my MC skills go, they are developing but it’s still something quite new to me but something that I am determined to get better at. In fact, it was one of the reasons I wanted to put on my own night (because sometimes you have to make your own opportunities) along with trying to give my fellow community members another place to try out their comedy chops.

Here’s hoping it continues to flourish. Sweet times.